Making Irresistible Environments

Every ministry environment communicates something. There are no neutral environments.
The quality, consistency, and personal impact of your ministry environments will define your church.

–Andy Stanley, Deep and Wide

Our dream here at North Tarrant Church is, quite simply, to remain a church that unchurched people love to attend. Every one of our ministry environments—from Waumba Land to Starting Point—contributes toward this objective.

The move from Bette Perot Elementary to Vista Ridge Middle School will provide a unique space for Waumba Land (Preschool Kids), Upstreet (Elementary Students), and will also allow us to provide a weekly environment for Transit (Junior High Students). 

We are firm believers that Engagement Drives Attendance. Engaging our guests is a critical component of guest services. Vista Ridge Middle School will provide a better parking area for guests and an expansive atrium that will help foster connections and conversations. It will also provide us with an area we can easily transform into our Volunteer Hub. The Volunteer Hub will open the door for us to weekly encourage and engage all volunteers to our mission.

We believe the next two years are unique and strategic in the life of this church. We want to go further faster. We want to create space for the next generation. And we need your help. Specifically, we aim to expand and improve every environment of our church culture.


Waumba Land is our Infant - PreK Environment. 
Our hope that kids will learn that God MADE me, God LOVES me, and Jesus wants to be my FRIEND forever.

Adding a dedicated space solely for Waumba Land.

Adding a secured area for Large Group space.

Adding spaces for up to 60 preschool kids.




Upstreet is our Elementary-Aged Environment. 
We want Upstreet kids to see how God's Word fits in to their lives, to learn how to talk to him, and to build friendships that will last.

Adding a dedicated space solely for Upstreet.

Adding spaces for up to 60 elementary kids.


Transit is our Junior High Environment. 
With fun games, engaging messages, and heartfelt small group discussions —students will explore their relationship with Jesus and how that can influence every decision they make.

Adding a dedicated space solely for junior high students.



Utilizing the spacious main entrance will allow for greater opportunities for connections and relationships.

Expanding our auditorium to seat up to 350 adults

Inheriting a more accoustically pleasing setting.


We look forward to seeing you Sunday!