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#BeRich Teddy Bear Drive

Sunday, January 27

Did you know, that every time a police officer is called to a scene they have a stuffed animal in their car, ready and available should there be any children on the scene. From calls regarding domestic violence to wrecks involving the family, kids are often in the middle of life’s most difficult scenarios. While a Stuffed animal might not seem like a lot, it is a valuable asset for our police officers as they comfort and support each and every child whom they come in contact with.

This Sunday, help us make a big impact on the North Fort Worth Division of our local police department.

2 Ways To Give

1- Bring your bear Sunday. (why get out, shop Amazon today!)

2- Not going to make it to church Sunday, no worries, you can give online.
Designate your gift to go towards Stuffed Animals. Every $10 will get one stuffed animal.

Thank you for being #ForNorthTarrant!