Growing spiritually doesn't happen when we know what Jesus says. It happens when we apply what he says. Application happens best within the context of community. To grow spiritually, you have to be connected relationally.


Sometimes it seems as though everyone wants something from you—your wife, your kids, your boss, and maybe even God. The pressures of manhood can be enormous, and they're only intensified by the mixed messages you receive from culture.

[7] is a small group experience that enables you to explore God's design for manhood. During the seven sessions, you'll be introduced to seven questions that rattle in the minds of most men.

The temptation to compare is as near as your next chat with a friend, trip to the store, or check-in on social media. Whether you come out on top or come up lacking, there is simply no win in comparison. It’s a trap. Comparison Trap is a small group environment that will meet on Tuesday Nights this summer.

If you have any questions, or if you'd like to learn how YOU can connect with North Tarrant Church, let us know and we will connect with you shortly!

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