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Sorry, Not Sorry

Nobody's perfect, which means we all say and do things that require an apology. If we're honest, the moments of giving or receiving an apology can be more painful than the event itself. But what if there was a way to make the most of these situations?

// New Series Begins July 14


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Sorry, Not Sorry - Part 1
Sunday, July 07

MY Bad

We have all done or said the wrong thing at some point in our lives. Saying sorry for the hurt or pain we’ve caused is never easy. But what if there was a new way to think about owning our mistakes? How do we change our minds when it comes to saying “I’m sorry”?

Sorry, Not Sorry - Part 2
Sunday, July 14

You’re Bad

We have all experienced being wronged or having someone hurt us—sometimes deeply. In those moments we want punishment for them and justice for us. But does justice right the wrong? Does seeing them get what they deserve make everything better? Is that how God thinks about our “bad behavior”, or does he see us through a different lens than the lens of justice?