Starting Sunday, September 09

We’re convinced this series will assist you in starting a meaningful conversation with people in your world.

While most of our series are safe for those who don’t consider themselves religious,
WHO NEEDS GOD was specifically designed with irreligious people in mind.
If you’ve been waiting for the perfect chance to invite that skeptical friend or neighbor, the time has come!
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Who needs God? Perhaps nobody. Perhaps everybody. I’m inviting you to join me at @northtarrant on September 9 for a message that will help answer this question. #whoneedsgod
More info at (link in bio)

Who needs God? Perhaps nobody. Perhaps everybody. My church has a new series kicking off on September 09 designed to help answer this question, and I’d love for you to join me!
More info at


Who needs God? Nobody? Everybody?
Join me on Sept 9 for a message that will help answer this question. #whoneedsgod