It can be hard to find people you like spending time with who also make you better. We can help you find a group that’s right for you. Groups include eight to twelve adults who gather and discuss both real life and practical faith. Here’s how you can join a group.

  1. Find your group. All groups are placed online for you to choose the one that best fits you and your schedule.

    Explore Faith Groups – These groups are a good next step if you are curious about or new to faith. Groups will complete the 8-week Starting Point curriculum.

    Community Groups – These groups meet regularly for connection and spiritual growth. We offer Men's, Women's, and Married Couples' Groups.

  2. Join your group. Save your spot in a group by signing up online.

  3. Meet your group. Your first group meeting will be at Group Launch on the evening of September 8.

Are you interested in leading a Community Group? We'd like to connect with you:

Starting Point is an 8-week conversational small group environment where people can explore faith and experience community. Starting Point groups are a safe place for people with questions about faith as well as those who want to learn about the Bible and Christianity. Groups consist of people who are curious about Christianity, those who have recently started a relationship with God, or those who are reconnecting with God after being away from church for a while. Learn More and Sign up