Dream job

Many of us spend over 30% of our lives at a job and, according to Gallup, almost 80% of us are dissatisfied while we’re there. That’s rather depressing, isn’t it? We’ll spend almost a third of our lives on something that creates dissatisfaction. Are we okay with this?

Perhaps we need to hit the reset button and rediscover what “work” is all about and where it came from. When we do, we discover something remarkable: the idea that work came from our heavenly Father. It’s his idea. And when we understand work from God’s perspective, we discover the real meaning and purpose behind it.

When we discover the purpose of work, we discover that there is no such thing as a job without purpose. This means that all of us can experience something remarkable: a job with purpose, meaning, and satisfaction. In other words, a dream job.

Dream Job - Part 1
Sunday, May 05

9 to 5 with purpose

You will never understand your purpose at work until you understand the purpose of work.

In Part 1 of Dream Job, we will hit the reset button and go back to the original purpose of work. Once we understand this, we will realize there is no such thing as a job without purpose. It doesn't exist.

It's an important first step toward finding a dream job.

Dream Job - Part 2
Sunday, May 12

dream weaver

Once we understand the purpose of work, we have to understand the answer to another important question: "What does God specifically want me to do with my career?"

This question sounds similar to a question we all were asked as kids: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" For many of us, these questions seem mysterious. The good news is that in Part 2 of Dream Job, we will look at a tangible biblical principle that puts us on the path toward discovering the answer.


Dream Job - Part 3
Sunday, May 19

keep the dream alive

What do you do when you feel stuck at work? You’re grateful you have a job, but you feel like there’s something else you need to be doing. How do you pay the bills and still pursue a dream job? Many people give up. You don't have to be one of those people. In the conclusion of Dream Job, we talk about what to do in the middle of the Monday-morning blues and the search for your dream job.