SUnday, December 23  // 10:00am

Vista Ridge Middle School
3201 Thompson Rd, FW, 76244

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We really do believe we have a great experience for you this Christmas!

North Tarrant Church is a group of imperfect people. We are normal people just like you, in search of a meaningful life and real relationship with God.

You may be wondering . . .

YES! The services last about 65 minutes and will be engaging for the whole family.

YES! We're super casual, lots of fun, and you'll love it even if you haven't been to church in a long time (or ever!).

YES! Feel free to dress comfortably... our environments are designed for you—our guest. Just like when you're a guest in someone's home, nothing is expected of you.

YES! Waumba Land (preschool) will be open and ready for your family on December 23rd.

YES! UpStreet (K–5) will be open as well, smiling all morning long.

NO! Transit (middle school) will not meet on December 23rd.

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Christmas at North Tarrant

No Service / Guilt-Free Weekend